Cubic Cartons

Manufacturing of Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes
Master in Carton Design & Development

About Us

We are Cubic Cartons, Manufacturer and Supplier of Corrugated Boxes and Cartons, established in the year 1999, situated in Pune. The company built its reputation through integrity of its quality, staff, workers, and their service-oriented approach. Clear customer focus and our versatile manufacturing plant provides our customers with the satisfaction and security that their demand can be fulfilled. We believe in delivering excellent service with best quality of products.

Our Mission is to achieve the reputation of quality, high standard & reliable manufacturing company in the Corrugation industry. We believe in collective responsibility, professionalism, teamwork, and ethics.

We are equipped with sophisticated and latest machineries such as Corrugation Machine 66” – One of the biggest in Pune, (RS4) Rotary Die Cutting with Slotting and Punching (Imported), Side Pasting Machine (Imported) and Others. Our production capacity is 200 Metric Tons paper conversion per month. Our production is under strict quality control with complete testing arrangements such as digital busting strength machine, cobb tester, moisture meter, refracto meter, ford cup.

We at Cubic Cartons believe in using best quality materials for manufacturing its cartons. Cubic Cartons is professionally managed by experts, skilled and proficient workers. Keeping in line with the company’s commitment to deliver consistent products every time we have implemented and are certified as an
ISO 9001-2015.